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postcard series no.08 / an imaginary journey of july

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「 an imaginary journey of july 」 

printed in 2012

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01. printed on 250P ivory paper 
02. size is 15 x 10.5 cm 
03. each postcard order include one envelope
i've been thinking a lot since last year when we scheduled this zakka exhibition, thinking about how to finally being able to visualized the idea i had some years ago, when i came back from my first big adventure journey ( in europe ) by myself, now it's the right time, i can feel it, i have the ability to tell a little bit about how it is, the adventure, the journey, have taken me, changed me, and showed me to know more about the little inner universe inside of me, and the world that surrounds me....
- - -
「 七 月 の 幻 想 旅 行 」 
01. 印在250P象牙紙上 
02. 每張明信片的尺寸為 15 x 10.5 公分 
03. 每張明信片的訂購包含一份信封

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