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postcard series no.04 ╱ cosmos travel ╱ the great adventure journey

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printed in / 2009

not available in my little online shop for now

please mail me to ask for placing orders



明信片系列一号╱postcard series no.01╱大冒險之旅★the great adventure journey╱

15 x 10.5 cm
printed on 250g ivory paper

USD$2.00 for each

日常 everyday
生活 life

大冒險之旅 the great adventure journey

/the point is re-discovering yourself and the world, of all those that are subtle and common, everyday and not everyday, living and traveling, breathing slowly, observing and also understanding, cherishing every single second when you wanna take a picture, a spark of light, and then, go back home safely


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  1. I admire your great work, absolutly fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have no other word, only BIG applause, really