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little book series no.01 ╱ i think your're like a song

printed in / 2008

available in my little online shop

01. 22pages/book size 7.5 x 10.5 x 1.0 cm/printed on 250g ivory papers
02. each little book will be packed with different vintage music score paper of haydn's sonata Ⅱ/or/random inside pages of lolita, french version, published in 1959


my dear dear friends, this is my song for you, no matter where you are on earth, the 3rd planet in our little solar system. i wanna share with you, of all the magical little moments, of all the bitter and sweet small details, of all the endless small ( soft ) talks, of, the music that made of our everyday life, like heartbeats, like smiles, like, being alive, like, being in love


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